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Never Made It!

October 19, 2017

Never Made It

Never Made It (NMI) was the brainchild of Clare Evans, who late in 2004 put up notices in record shops reading ”Artist seeks photos / videos / memorabilia for exhibition tribute to bands that never made it.”

Her aim was to ‘put the underdogs of the music industry in the limelight and celebrate all that was not to be’. Over a drink in Highgate’s Boogaloo bar it was quickly decided that Trash met Clare’s criteria and so Simon excavated as many photos and bits of memorabilia as he could find.

The next step was to make a documentary of three of the least successful bands in the exhibition – The Secrets, The Trespassers and Trash. Accordingly Simon and Mick were interviewed on camera by Clare at Simon’s office in early 2005.

On May 2nd 2005 the Notting Hill Arts Club staged the opening night of Clare’s Never Made It Exhibition. Photos and memorabilia were displayed throughout the club. Beautifully made badges and fanzines were on sale. Clare showed the 18-minute Never Made It documentary for the first time, to a great reaction from those present.

Coincidentally Nude magazine has run a series of features on unsuccessful bands titled “Beautiful Losers’, with issue 8 (Spring 2006) featuring Trash and Never Made It (


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