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Sleevenotes to “This Is Complete Trash” CD

October 19, 2017

Cover 3


In On All The Secrets (Trash)

What Do You Think About That? (Trash)

Previously unreleased. Produced by Nigel Gray. Recorded at Surrey Sounds Studios on March 11th 1979.

Simon Wright (lead vocals), Mick Brophy (rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals), Neil Cossar (lead guitar), Keith Steptoe (bass, vocals), Simon Butler-Smith (drums)


N-N-E-R-V-O-U-S (Trash)

Page 3 (Dumb Blondes) (Trash)

Publishing: Sara Bee Music Ltd

Released by Polydor as a single 2059 013 on June 2nd 1978.

Produced by Shel Talmy. Recorded at Roundhouse Studios, Camden on February 1st 1978.

Simon Wright (lead vocals), Mick Brophy (guitars, harmonica, vocals), Keith Steptoe (bass, vocals), Simon Butler-Smith (drums).


Priorities (Trash)

Look (Trash)

Nnervous (Trash)

Publishing: Sara Bee Music Ltd

Priorities and Look Released by Polydor as a single 2058 939 in October 1977. Nnervous is a previously unreleased version.

Produced by Trash & Clive Selwood. Recorded at The Old Smithy, Worcester in September 1977.

Simon Wright (lead vocals), Mick Brophy (guitars, harmonica, vocals), Keith Steptoe (bass, vocals), Brian Devoil (drums)


Hippy Hippy Shake (Chan Romero, published by Ardmore and Beechwood)

96 Tears (Rudi Martinez, published by Essex Music International)

Louie Louie (Richard Berry, published by Peter Maurice Music)

Previously unreleased.

Simon Wright (lead vocals), Mick Brophy (guitars, vocals), Keith Steptoe (bass, vocals), Steve Pearce (drums)

Demos recorded ‘live’ by Duncan, October 1976, the Assembly Hall, National College of Food Technology, Weybridge, Surrey.


Menace (Trash)

Previously unreleased. Recorded live at Bones Club, Reading on February 15th 1978

Simon Wright (lead vocals), Mick Brophy (guitar, vocals), Keith Steptoe (bass), Simon Butler-Smith (drums)

Bonus Track: Radio 210 Interview – Mick Brophy and Tony Bellekom, Reading, Berkshire 1977

All tracks digitally remastered by Nick Duckett of Rhythm And Blues Records (

Single tracks transferred from vinyl by James Perrett ( )


About these tracks

After 33 years I am amazed we could find a decent selection of Trash tracks in reasonable quality, and delighted that Only Fit For The Bin wanted to release the results. It is a short, sharp selection – we spared you the dodgy demos, sluggish slowies and creaky covers.

In retrospect I am impressed by how much we managed to achieve using very limited raw materials. We were young, energetic and unsophisticated and we turned these limitations into virtues. We got better as we played more gigs and did more recording, to the point where my favourite tracks are the final ones we recorded together.

Unlike most bands who formed in 1976 we were big fans of pre-punk rock’n’roll – listen hard and you’ll hear riffs from Heaven And Hell (the Who) and Happy (the Rolling Stones), the one-note guitar solo from the Feelgoods’ I’m A Hog For You Baby plus lyrical references to the Stooges and John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett. Our version of 96 Tears owed little to ? and the Mysterions but a great deal to live performances by Eddie and the Hot Rods. We used to medley it with our spirited rendition of Rescue Me but sadly I have been unable to find a listenable version of the latter in the pile of crappy cassettes that have provided the source material for this compilation.

Maybe next time? No – This Is Complete Trash!


Simon Wright, London, August 2010


Thank you Jane Wimble, Clive Selwood, Nick Duckett, Marie-Clare Gaulthier, John The Finn, Geoff Horne, Jon Parry, Pete Hawkins, Clare Evans, Stewart Home, Rich Linton and anyone who had the good taste to see us live back in the day.

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