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Television, Shepherds Bush Empire, 27/7/14

July 29, 2014

A trip back to 1977 for an audience who were in the most part too young to have seen Television the first time around. Despite zero stagecraft ( static lights, bare stage, no-one leaping around) a packed Empire was transfixed by a 90 minute set that featured the entire Marquee Moon LP. Little Johnny Jewel gave guitarists Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip (channeling original guitarist Richard Lloyd) room to stretch out, secure in the knowledge that the peerless rhythm section of Billy Ficca and Fred Smith would underpin their every move. The ’74 ballad “I’m Gonna Find You” was introduced as having been being dropped from Marquee Moon but still sounded great, as did the ultra-slow version of Psychotic Reaction played as a second encore. Highlights were the 13 minute Marquee Moon itself and Verlaine exchanging wisecracks with the front row – now that wouldn’t have happened in 1977…

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