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Nina Antonia Rare Book Release

July 10, 2019

Editor: John Perry

In Cold Blood: eBook of Punk Legend’s Official Biography Showcases Unseen Photos of New York Dolls’ Johnny Thunders

Nina Antonia’s ‘Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood’ brings a beautiful, hard-rocking illustrated e-book edition to the official published biography of New York Dolls’ Johnny Thunders. Due for release on July 15th 2019, on what would have been Thunders’ sixty-seventh birthday, the new edition showcases over 120 images (including photos never seen before) to take readers on an illuminating journey through the glam rock pioneer’s life. It also addresses his death and the results of a 1991 autopsy, making it vital reading for anyone curious about Thunders’ mysterious demise, recently the topic of a film, ‘Room 37’.

United Kingdom – In 1987, music journalist Nina Antonia finally turned her lifelong obsession with Johnny Thunders into a job, after being granted the rights to publish his official biography. It’s a publication that has seen many different editions, and is now being released in eBook format with more new information and exclusive content than ever before.

‘Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood’ will be published on what would have been the legend’s sixty-seventh birthday, and brings his life full circle with new photographs and revelations about his death in 1991. Currently it is number one in’s future punk music biographies.


The official biography of the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers’ guitarist. ‘Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood’ is the cult bible of all things Thunders. It is the definitive portrait of the condemned man of rock’n’roll, from the baptism of fire and tragedy that was the New York Dolls, through the junkie punk years of the Heartbreakers and beyond. It is an unflinching account of a unique guitarist whose drug problems often overshadowed his considerable style and talent. Johnny was a hugely influential figure in both the glam-rock and punk eras and his music and style still resonates today.

Nina Antonia discovered Johnny Thunders and the New York Dolls when a young teenager and spent her formative years as a dedicated fan. Writing was her other passion and she commenced his biography in the early 80’s. Then Johnny came to London, he and his manager read her drafts, decided the book should be an authorised biography, and uniquely gave her full access to Johnny’s life.

The book covers Johnny from his early life through the New York Dolls, Heartbreakers and solo, with interviews of many of the characters involved in his career. It then changes tone and the story is continued in the present tense as Nina describes her first-person experiences of mixing with the real-life Johnny and his associates.

First published in 1987, it was updated and revised in 2000 after Johnny’s death and with further insights gained from Nina’s biography of the New York Dolls (Omnibus). ‘In Cold Blood’ has also been published in Italy and Japan.

For the first time this edition provides new information about Johnny’s death, by publishing summaries from the autopsy and a full letter from the New Orleans Coroner that clarifies Johnny’s autopsy results and diagnoses. Johnny died suddenly in mysterious circumstances there in 1991, leading to much speculation.

This new e-book edition contains over 120 pics and illustrations, including unseen photos.

“I’m so pleased to have turned a youth obsession with Johnny into what has become a life dedicated to sharing his story,” explains the author. “And it stands to reason there would be multiple editions of this official biography, as we continue to discover new information about his life and death. This is vital reading for anyone into the punk and glam rock scenes, or music history in general.”

Continuing, “I also have another release – ‘Johnny Thunders Sleeve Notes’ – which gives deep background information to each album, interactive links to them and becomes an invaluable companion to my other biographical works. Johnny’s story is still evolving, needs to be told and I guarantee I’ll be there to tell the world.”

‘Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood’ is due for release on July 15th, 2019. Copies can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon:

Purchase ‘Johnny Thunders Sleeve Notes’, here:

Exclusive interview with the author:

About the Author:

Nina Antonia (Liverpool, 1960) is a former music journalist, who has contributed to Uncut, Mojo, Classic Rock and Record Collector. Nina Antonia’s first book was ‘Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood’ in 1987. Since then she’s also written biographies of the New York Dolls, Peter Perrett of The Only Ones, and edited the diaries of Pete Doherty. As well as appearing on Radio One and BBC Six Music, Nina has performed at spoken word events, had a retrospective held at the Barbican and in 2013 lectured on Glam at Tate Liverpool. Nina has featured in various documentaries, including ‘New York Doll’ about Arthur ‘Killer’ Kane and appears in Danny Garcia’s poignant documentary ‘Looking For Johnny’.

In 2016, Nina had her first supernatural piece ‘South-West 13’ published. Essays about the likes of Lord Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde continued the theme, followed by her first supernatural novel ‘The Greenwood Faun’. Her most recent book is ‘Incurable – The Haunted Writings of Lionel Johnson, the Decadent Era’s Dark Angel’.

 A feature film of ‘Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood’ is currently in the pre-production stage, to be directed by Jonas Akerlund (the Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2 etc director) .

“The Smartest Chick I ever met.” – Johnny Thunders

“Nina Writes, Seen her Riot.” – Peter Doherty

“Priceless Books for One Such as I.” – Morrissey

“Nina Antonia Makes a fascinating Story, Irresistible.” – Uncut

 Further info:



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