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This Is Complete Trash CD Reviews

October 30, 2017


Vive Le Rock CD Review


First posted on March 12th 2012

Trash – This Is Complete Trash! (8/10) Spasms – Return of the Spud Gun Kids (7/10)

Only Fit For The Bin Records

A fan of obscure late 70s lost punk rock oddities? Two previously unacknowledged discoveries here via Bin Liner Records, each accompanied by arch sleevenotes that demonstrate the participants weren’t entirely blinded by ambition, nor have their memories been too cruelly scalded by regret. Naturally then, it’s going to be low-grade, clueless bedroom thrashing that was never released for a very good reason. Well, no. The Spasms disc, despite the graffiti’d brick wall cover, is far more expansive than you might imagine. There are evident post-punk influences (especially on ‘The Guilty Go Free’ and the excellent ‘The Stranger’), and some unexpected playfulness in terms of both lyrics and rhythm that place them, occasionally, somewhere between Squeeze and the Members. Trash are slightly rockier, absolutely in the best traditions of the New York Dolls, and more than competent at it. Their Polydor singles ‘Priorities’ and the Shel Talmy-produced ‘N-N-ervous’ are included, alongside an unreleased third; the genuinely enthralling ‘In On All The Secrets’.

Alex Ogg, written for Vive Le Rock magazine

First posted May 27th 2011


Record Collector CD Review

 Trash – This Is Complete Trash!


Take no notice, they’re just being modest

Trash formed in October 1976 by students at the Food Technology College in St George’s Hill, Weybridge. As singer Simon Wright says in his sleevenotes, “The Food Technologists would have been a great name for a band,” but they went for Trash “partly because of the New York Dolls song, but possibly because we thought it would put us beyond further criticism.” How wrong they were.

Trash discovered punk when Wright and Jane Wimble, who shared lead vocals in the early days, caught the Pistols playing one of their infamous “unannounced” support slots at one of their college dances – and the die was cast. John Peel’s manager, Weybridge resident Clive Selwood, secured the band a deal with Polydor, and the label released Priorities in November 1977. N-N-E-R-V-O-U-S, produced by Shel Talmy, followed in June 1978, but when neither single sold (despite airplay from a “gerrymandered” John Peel), Polydor dropped them.

It was a shame, as Trash’s combination of punk, pub-rock and NY sleaze deserved a better crack of the whip. Rescued from the bin, this collects both singles, previously unreleased studio and live tracks, and a 1977 interview on Radio 210.

Only Fit For The Bin | OFFTB 013

Chronicle Sep9 1977

Hyped2Death CD Review

TRASH -This Is Complete Trash! CD (OFFTB 013)

H2D: Their classic first 45 (‘Priorities’), a less-impressive second, a fine, melodic, neverbeforereleased ’79 session, and some good-to-generic live tracks. None of it’s terrifically original, but who cares when the touchstones are the Heartbreakers, Saints, Birdmen, and various punky 60s sounds… 12 tracks and an informative 12-page booklet.

Amazon User Reviews


Bucketfull Of Brains review




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