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New book with Trash connection

October 30, 2017

First Posted on April 19 2016


Clinton Heylin’s new magnum opus is being published by leading independent publisher Route – more details here

Jane and Simon were both interviewed by Clinton about seeing the Sex Pistols at Weybridge

Here is the press release:

Anarchy in the Year Zero Collector’s Edition


Posted: 18 Apr 2016 12:59 PM PDT


by Clinton Heylin

‘For those who weren’t there, but swear they were, now you are.’
– Richard Boon, former Buzzcocks manager

Be amongst the first to read Clinton Heylin’s account of the birth of Punk. A special signed and numbered collector’s edition is available to order now and will be despatched one month prior to general release. At standard cover price, the collector’s edition comes with a set of original postcards. First come first served. Click here to order.

Anarchy in the Year Zero: Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Class of ’76 by Clinton Heylin is an account of a movement that not only changed the face of British music, but had a profound and lasting effect on the course of British culture as a whole. This is a forensic, passionate and breathtaking chronicle by one of the world’s leading rock historians, who was there in 1976 at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, when the course of popular music changed forever.

Published to coincide with Year Zero’s 40th anniversary, the book reconstructs the narrative of ‘Punk ’76’ – the real Year Zero – authoritatively, if not dispassionately; to connect the dots not only literally (providing, for the first time, an accurate chronology), but laterally – by showing how many of the characters that circle the Sex Pistols spin off into new vistas of music, fashion and pop culture. Heylin’s distinctive approach of using multiple eye-witness accounts of all the key players in the story skillfully combines the objective rigor of a biography with the personal immediacy of a memoir. The result is that the reader feels as though they are there, on the inside, as the drama of this truly transformative year for British culture unfolds before us.

Clinton Heylin is one of the leading rock historians in the world, with over two dozen books to his name. These include biographies of Bob Dylan (Behind The Shades), Van Morrison (Can You Feel The Silence?), Bruce Springsteen (E Street Shuffle) and Sandy Denny (No More Sad Refrains), as well as his acclaimed pre-punk history, From The Velvets To The Voidoids, the one and only history of rock bootlegs, Bootleg, and, most recently, the highly acclaimed It’s One For The Money: The Song Snatchers Who Carved Up A Century of Pop, nominated for the 2016 Penderyn Book Award. He lives in Somerset.

‘Heylin has done a masterful job of mapping the when, where and who’s who in the Pistols pied piper saga.’
– Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth

>>Click here to order Anarchy in the Year Zero Collector’s Edition

>>See Trailer on Anarchy Year Zero Website

Anarchy in the Year Zero will be launched on 4th June 2016, 6pm, at Watertsones, Deansgate, Manchester, on the 40th anniversary of the first Sex Pistols gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall.


…and here is what Clinton’s new book actually says

 First posted on April 20 2016

Here is what Clinton Heylin has written about the night that the Sex Pistols played St. George’s Hill, Weybridge!


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