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Tall Stories of The Only Ones with Robert Palmer

April 28, 2017

…as it says on the front cover. Here’s the story:

Unheard Robert Palmer track for Record Store Day 2017

R’nB Records are delighted to announce the release of a brand new 7” vinyl single by the trio PPK – Robert Palmer, John Perry & Mike Kellie. Bearing catalogue number RB1978 the tracks are

  1. Tall Stories (Palmer / Perry / Kellie)
  2. Kellie’s Blues (Perry / Kellie)


Robert Palmer – Bass and Vocals

John Perry – Guitars

Mike Kellie – Drums

Underneath Island Records HQ in St. Peter’s Square, Hammersmith lay a compact 24 track studio much favoured by cognescenti on account of its fabulous sound. Unlikely combos of musicians from Steve Winwood to Peter Tosh jammed together there.

One such evening in the summer of 1978 saw John Perry and Mike Kellie of The Only Ones record with Robert Palmer. The Tall Stories track that resulted took Palmer in a new, grittier direction. Kellie’s rock-steady beat aligned with Palmer’s own bass playing and Perry’s melodic guitar brought the sparse loping sound of Free bang up to date.

Sadly record company politics prevented the release of this track and the tapes were mislaid until 2016, when intense sleuthing by Pedro Mercedes turned up a cassette version. Careful tape transfer by Rob Keyloch and remastering by Nick Duckett has polished this performance into a jewel that does all three musicians great credit. The B-side instrumental was cut at the same session.

This record is a fitting tribute to the late Robert Palmer and to Mike Kellie, who sadly died whilst we were working on this release. Kellie told John Perry he was delighted by this record.  He liked the finished product and loved the spontaneity of the session. He recalled the session as inspired and enjoyed recalling times when a high level of inspiration flowed with such ease.

Here is what Record Collector Editor Ian McCann said about the record:


From May 1st you can order here (scroll down). Vinyl copies are already selling on eBay and Discogs.



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  1. Mike Baess permalink

    As I said undercover rock’n’roll story of the year so far. But I want to know more about these secret jams at Island Records HQ. I was actually in the press office when news came in that Marley had died. The air of gravitas was palpable.



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