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City Of Fun – England’s Glory

December 28, 2014



This is a charming artefact with which to end the year. Hozac Records of Chicago have released the England’s Glory version of City Of Fun on 7” vinyl in a spiffy picture sleeve, billing it as “the single that never was.” The recording is familiar from the Legendary Lost Album and plods along in an endearingly VU / Transformer fashion, the piano breakdown in the middle works well. Compared to the more familiar Only Ones double-time version it sounds a bit pedestrian, but in 1971 it would certainly have stood out from the moribund UK rock ‘scene’ if anyone had actually heard it. B side is Shattered Illusions, recorded at a later England’s Glory session. Both tracks sound great and there are some enthusiastic sleeve notes enclosed. I am delighted to add it to my 7” vinyl collection, cool hipster that I am.

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