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New releases from History Of R’n’B Records

June 16, 2013
Beginnings 2 – Yesterday’s Papers (1962-1965)
The Rolling Stones
Beginnings 1 – Ramrods, Boll-Weevils & Ravens
The Kinks
Beginnings 1 – Maximum R & B
The Who
History Of R’n’B Records
These three CDs are the latest additions to Nick Duckett’s estimable  History Of R’n’B Records. The format has become well refined. Each release features impeccably remastered versions of at least 25 cover versions performed by the band in question. A fully illustrated 20-page booklet contains an essay describing the significance of each song to the band, plus a second discography which reviews the artists who had recorded the originals.
Other labels have attempted similar projects but what distinguishes History of R’n’B Records is the optimum sound quality and the attention to detail and the amount of research that goes into each release. Many intriguing questions are raised. Why did the Stones perform without Mick Jagger on Ready Steady Go? What was the British jazz classic that Keith Moon ‘borrowed’ to form the basis for Cobwebs and Strange? Which Big Bill Broonzy song formed the inspiration for You Really Got Me? The answers are here, as well as much good music.

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