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The most arresting opening line in pop history

November 8, 2018

Yes, even more than “I am an antichrist”.

Try this: “Who cares if you’re Jewish and your breath smells of garlic and your nose is a shiny red light…”.

It actually gets worse after this.

The song When I Turn Out The Living Room Light comes from a time when Ray Davies was writing extraordinary songs at such a rate that there was no room for them on regular Kinks LPs. So the first time I heard this delicate melody was on the now impossibly rare vinyl LP The Great Lost Kinks album. Thankfully the track has been added to the excellent  expanded re-issue of The Village Green Preservation Society so now everyone can hear it and be gobsmacked. Only right at the end of the song do you realise that the singer is equally challenged in the physical attraction stakes and so we have that rarest of things, a love song that involves real people. Or as Todd Rundgren was to put it a few years later “But love between the ugly is the most beautiful love of all”.

Laugh in a slightly embarassed way as you listen here 





























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  1. Frank Lima permalink

    Performed ONLY once live in their entire career December 2, 1971 CW Post College on Long Island, it was at the request of a fan who would later be written about by Ray in the 1978 song Rock and Roll Fantasy – ” Dan is a Fan and relives for our music, it’s the only thing that gets him by” – I know the real life Dan the Fan extremely well.

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