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Press Release For ‘It’s The Truth’

January 18, 2023

January 18th 2023

New Book: “It’s The Truth – Making The Only Ones” by Simon Wright

The Only Ones were the most important band to emerge in 1977, artistically if not commercially. Their eponymous first LP presents a wonderful sense of possibilities and excitement, of a band standing on the verge of something fantastic. And the presence of Another Girl, Another Planet – ‘arguably the best rock single ever recorded’ according to – illustrates how not being a hit can extend the shelf life of a song.

Working from new interviews with the band members, Simon Wright documents the formation and early days of this enigmatic group and explains why they never achieved the massive success they deserved. Illustrated with previously unseen photographs, it’s an account of how four musicians from very different backgrounds made an exhilarating LP which grafted punk attitude onto rock ‘n’ roll rootstock. Odds-on that your favourite musician has this LP in their collection: read this book to find out why.

Publication Date: April 1st 2023

Rsp: £12.99

Format: Paperback, 152 pages, 42 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-7392549-0-2

Publisher: Shakspeare Editorial

Quotes from the band about It’s The Truth

‘The long summer of 1976 and the drearier winter of 1977 went past in a flash as we rehearsed the songs and organised the band. Within seven days of meeting Alan Mair we were in the studio, putting down tracks that still sound good today. Simon’s book is a tour d’horizon of a fascinating time in London and the Only Ones place in it.’ John Perry

‘A fascinating look at how The Only Ones got together and in-depth account of recording our first album. Exciting times!’ Alan Mair

‘The best (only?) account of how we formed The Only Ones and recorded our debut LP. Highly recommended.’ Peter Perrett

Biography of Simon Wright

Simon Wright has been a secret punk rocker since 1975 when he was knocked sideways by an early Sex Pistols gig. By day a successful consultant working with sustainable food and drink (and chocolate), by night he is a prolific blogger and vinyl fiend. His previous two books were academic textbooks on the manufacturing and marketing of organic and Fairtrade food and drink. He lives in Wandsworth, where he is part of an urban cider collective.



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