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Roxy Live: Under Exposed

October 22, 2022

Jocelyn Fiske

Titan Books  £39.99

There is being a fan and being a totally-obsessive-going-to-every-gig-since-1973-batshit-crazy fan. Luckily for us Jocelyn Fiske is one of the latter, and crucially she took her camera with her. The result is a beautifully put together extended love letter to Roxy Music and all who have sailed in her. Only two of these images have ever seen before – bizarrely in a British Airways inflight magazine – so everything else is previously unavailable. Some of the early Kodak Instamatic images are a bit primitive but quality improves as we get more up to date. Throughout Jocelyn provides a running commentary on how and where the photos were taken and what she remembers of each gig. The final entry is the  Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame performance from 2019, although she also documents various solo performances from Ferry, Manzanera and McKay. Production values are high throughout so that the finished book whilst not cheap exudes style and glamour, just like the band it so handsomely documents.


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