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Rolling Stones – Top Of The Pops! 1967 EP

September 11, 2022

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Side One

  1. Let’s Spend The Night Together
  2. She’s A Rainbow

Side Two

  1. 2,000 Light Years From Home
  2. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?

All songs written by Jagger/Richard

Recording Details

All tracks recorded with live vocals over a pre-recorded backing track for BBC TV Top Of The Pops

Side One, Track 1 Recorded January 25th 1967, transmitted on January 26th

Side One, Track 2 Recorded and transmitted on December 19th 1967

Side Two, Track 1 Recorded on December 19th 1967 and transmitted on December 28th

Side Two, Track 2 Recorded on December 17th 1966 and transmitted on December 22nd


Mick Jagger – vocals

Keith Richard – guitar, vocals

Brian Jones – guitar, piano

Bill Wyman – bass

Charlie Watts – drums


The Stones were influenced by The Summer Of Love, but it didn’t stop them from having hits. 2,000 Light Years From Home and She’s A Rainbow were the best tracks recorded between February and October 1967 at Olympic Studios during the interminable Satanic Majesties sessions. Despite being promoted by appearances on Top Of The Pops these two tracks were never released as a single in the UK, although they made a terrific double-header throughout mainland Europe and in the US. Bill Wyman refers to the Stones taking their own Mellotron into the BBC studios for the session. Certainly the backing track for She’s A Rainbow is a new version, but 2,000 Light Years From Home appears to be an edit of the studio master. Let’s Spend The Night Together is less trippy and more bouncy,Brian Jonesmiming Jack Nitzche’s piano part and Jagger sporting a shiny jacket. Despite Keith being unhappy with the studio rhythm track of Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? it still reached number 5 in the UK charts. In a classic “Must We Throw This Filth At Our Pop Kids?” move The Mirror gleefully reprinted the US picture sleeve which featured the band in drag, including a deadpan Bill Wyman in a wheelchair.

Four glorious slices of what Nik Cohn termed Superpop

Sleevenotes: Alan Bertrand Hall

And Ian McCann at Record Collector magazine gave us a good review!


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