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The Great Lost Kinks Single

April 9, 2021


I have no idea who was in the group Cold Turkey, who released the single Nobody’s Fool on Pye in 1972. However there is great deal of Kinkiness involved. The song is credited to Raymond Douglas Davies. It uses great chunks of Animal Farm. Dave Davies can be heard singing (and playing lead?).

All of which would be irrelevant if it were not such a fine song, as you can hear here . To the best of my knowledge there has never been a Kinks version released, although Ray’s piano demo came out on the expanded version of Muswell Hillbillies. It’s good but I prefer the full band version. It’s inclusion would certainly have improved the Percy OST.

Nobody’s Fool was the theme tune to UK TV series Budgie, starring Adam Faith. According to Popsike mint copies of the single could set you back as much as £80, so my recent purchase of a Mint copy on eBay for £30 looks reasonable. A lower-cost alternative would be this fine Ace compilation of songs written by RDD and recorded by others.


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  1. Mike Baess permalink

    Talking of Raymond Douglas, have you heard the splendid Turtle Soup by The Turtles? The only album produced by Ray outside of The Kinks. It features this brilliant single which sounds like an outtake from The Who Sell Out –

    Sent from my Galaxy

  2. I love Turtle Soup.

    I think the Turtles as a group are hugely underrated, especially in their final years when they produced a string of amazing singles.

    I live in hope that we can put out a Turtles LP (I have already done the research).

    And how good is this ?

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