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Record Store Day 2018 – Seven Inch Heaven from Buffalo Springfield, Easybeats, The Who, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Johnny Thunders!

May 1, 2018

Buffalo Springfield – Live At Monterey 1967 EP

The 1960s Record Company REP015

Gets off to fine start with For What It’s Worth, which showcases an excellent sound with good instrumental separation. This is particularly important on an extended Bluebird where there are three guitars at work with Steve Stills on lead guitar and a guesting David Crosby on rhythm (Neil Young apparently AWOL). Richie Furay sings an authoritative lead vocal on Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even sing where he is ably supported by Dewey Martin’s fluid drumming. Considering how little live Springfield has been released officially this is a real find.


Easybeats – Lovin’ Machine EP

The 1960s Record Company REP018

Recorded live in Offenbach, February 1967. Never heard a live recording of the Easybeats before and they acquit themselves well. Harmonies are particularly impressive, replacing Tina Turners titanic wail on River Deep Mountain High. Highlight is a feisty version of Friday On My Mind where they reproduce the studio version with complete accuracy. Live the band come across as fans of the Who. Made My Bed: Gonne Lie In It has Sell Out-harmonies, and Lovin’ Machine even contains a snatch of the Batman theme. Sound quality is good throughout.


The Who – Ready Steady Who 4 EP

The 1960s Record Company REP017

Talking of which, here are West London’s finest in high dudgeon but low fidelity. The songs that survive best are those with the strongest harmonies – here Pictures of Lily and I’m A Boy. As the sleeve notes point out it is the only recording of the Who’s 1967 US tour so until something better-recorded emerges…like all these EPs it looks terrific and has a spiffy printed colour inner sleeve. For the committed fan only.


Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hamburg ’67 EP

The 1960s Record Company REP019

If there is a German equivalent of Franglais that’s how this set is introduced. A slow and careful Hey Joe with a lot of echo on Jimi’s vocals is followed by a dancey Fire and a menacing Purple Haze. Sound quality is good. Whilst other portraits of early live Hendrix exist this particular set has a charm and an innocence about it that really works.

Give Her A Great Big Kiss – Johnny Thunders featuring Patti Palladin

Remarquable Records RBL3

At last a remix that actually makes an aural difference! Pedro Mercedes’ Remarquable Records delivers a fuller mix than 1978’s So Alone original with more backing vocals and better guitars. The extended MWAH! instrumental version on the B side would be a real asset at a New York sleaze themed karaoke evening but is otherwise inessential. Beautiful sleeve (designed by Patti). Crisp pressing. Go Johnny Go!

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  1. Mike Baess permalink

    Just as a point of interest to any other committed fans of The Who out there. While not available on vinyl there is more of The Who’s fabulous Monterey 67 gig available on the essential Complete Monterey Pop Festival DVD and Blu-Ray. The original film only featured “My Generation” but the box set adds “Substitute,” “Summertime Blues,” “A Quick One While He’s Away” (with an optional 5.1 remix under Artist Index).


    The Complete Monterey Pop Festival – Shop The Complete Monterey Pop Festival – The Criterion Collection [Blu-ray] [Region B]. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


    • Mike, for some reason I have always been underwhelmed by the Who at Monterey – borrowed Vox amps? backstage rows with Hendrix ?
      I do like the Eric Burdon intro tho’ – almost as good as Jeff Dexter at the Isle of Wight

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