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You’ve Got Great Taste In Music: Rock’n’Roll Chocolate

October 13, 2017

Marinko Biskic shares my two obsessions: chocolate and rock’n’roll.


And he has combined the two by making 7″ 45 singles out of chocolate which actually play songs by his band, Fon Biskich and Narodno Blago   ( ). An ex-punk rocker from Croatia, Marinko now has Nadalina ( ) his own, award-winning chocolate business in Solin which makes tasty single origin and organic chocolate bars…and edible records.



The sound quality is surprisingly good, but you can only play them a few times as the stylus wears out the grooves (so perhaps they are closer to an acetate than  a vinyl record). They play on a normal record deck and are made in exactly the same way as vinyl records using a stamper, with the vinyl replaced by molten chocolate. He is in London ’til Sunday at The Chocolate Show, Olympia  ( and you really, really need to check him out. Maybe he can immortalise your favourite tune in chocolate…



Tell him I sent you. It’s a great chance to eat your own words…

PS Record Collector mag ran a modified version of the above in their Christmas 2017 edition, showing what a difference having a proper editor makes (hi Jamie!)




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