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Smashed! Blocked! Great!

October 21, 2014
The Smashed! Blocked! Extended Play
John’s Children
Acid Jazz 7″ Vinyl
Another of Acid Jazz’s mouthwatering mono mod masterpieces, this brings together four rare tracks. An out-take of Desdemona with additional organ and less risque lyrics kicks things off followed by a new mix of Midsummer Night’s Scene, one of the most collectable singles ever. Both these tracks feature a fresh-faced Marc Bolan. On the B side we have the title track, aka The Love I Thought I’d Found drenched in screams from (allegedly) A Hard Day’s Night. Finally Sara Crazy Child appears in a new-to-me German single version with ominous vocals and spooked guitars. Sound quality is great; a period sleeve design and useful sleeve notes add up to a fine package. And the music? Fey vocals, Beck-style guitar solos and a general air of pop-art mayhem. Essential.

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